Saturday, May 16, 2009

I'm Not Okay

Well if you wanted honesty, that's all you had to say.
I never want to let you down or have you go, it's better off this way.
For all the dirty looks, the photographs your boyfriend took,
Remember when you broke your foot from jumping out the second floor?
I'm not okay
I'm not okay
I'm not okay
You wear me out
What will it take to show you that it's not the life it seems?
(I'm not okay)
I've told you time and time again you sing the words but don't know what it means
(I'm not okay)
To be a joke and look, another line without a hook
I held you close as we both shook for the last time take a good hard look!
I'm not okay
I'm not okay
I'm not okay
You wear me outForget about the dirty looks
The photographs your boyfriend took
You said you read me like a book, but the pages all are torn and frayed
I'm okayI'm okay!I'm okay, now
(I'm okay, now)But you really need to listen to me
Because I'm telling you the truth
I mean this, I'm okay!
(Trust Me)
I'm not okay
I'm not okay
Well, I'm not okay
I'm not o-fucking-kay
I'm not okay
I'm not okay(Okay)

You Are in Love??

Huh? this is a tough one.....
Are you in-love with someone
When you are together with that special someone, you pretend to ignore that person.
But when that special someone is not around, you might look around to find them.
At that moment, you are in love
Although there is someone else who always makes you laugh,
your eyes and attention might go only to that special someone.
Then, you are in love.
Although that special someone was supposed to have called you long back,
to let you know of their safe arrival,your phone is quiet.
You are desperately waiting for the call!
At that moment, you are in love.
If you are much more excited for one short e-mail from
that special someone than other many long e-mails,
you are in love.When you find yourself as one who cannot erase all the
messages in your answering machine because of one message
from that special someone, you are in love.
When you get a couple of free movie tickets,
you wouldnot hesitate to think of that special someone.
Then, you are in love.
You keep telling yourself, "that special someone is just a friend",
but you realize that you can not avoid that person's special attraction.
At thatmoment, you are in love.
While you are reading this page, if someoneappears in your mind,then u are in love with that person.

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