Saturday, June 13, 2009


My love,
I am so glad that you are here.
You abandon her So that we can love each other
Forever...Look, I have lots of friends now!
Finally, I found the place
Where I truly belong.
This is the world
Where fantasy collides with reality...In this world
No one owns you
But me alone and only me.
I don't have to be lonely
Because I have everyone beside me.
I can see the young me
So happy and carefree
She is laughing so hard
And I can't see the pain
And I am so glad...Wait...what's happening?
My love, don't leave me!Don't go back to her side,
I thought we will love each other forever!
Don't go...please stay!
Where's everyone?
Why am I in this piercing solitude?
It's dark and cold
And I am all alone...Please help me...I'm so scared!
Young me please don't cry
Don't hide in the dark corner
Don't hate God for your lonely life.
You poor child
Please stop cutting your wrist!
Please don't leave me
In this kind of lonely place.
My heart is aching
Blood is flowing in my heart...
Take me out of this monochromatic world!
The painful reality
Is slowly pulling me out
Out of the fake reality
And this unbearable pain
Start to climb all over my body...I wish you are mine forever...


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