Monday, August 8, 2011

Day By Day in Ramadhan

Date:: 05th August, 2011
Planning:: G0 to Penang Visit My parent

We Starting 0ur j0urney ab0ut 10.45pm fr0m Perlis. ::unexpected :: just 1 hour 45 minute we reach at Penang Pass through Highway Utara-Selatan. See Penang Bridge Night Scene EXIT to Bayan Lepas we ronda-ronda first than Lepak at Queens Bay. There are many people there l0ok like having party but they just hang 0ut with their friends. That N0rmal thing melepak is probably the most favourite thing to do with friends. H0wever in this case I Hang 0ut with my beloved Hubby its really much m0re happiness ^^,

Malam masih Muda..We r0nda-r0nda lagi went to Gurney Drive. Lepak for a while to see the sea but the sea is ebb.N0t so interesting t0 stay there. Start the engine:: En.Hubby start drive again. There are many rider 0n the r0ad (Mat Rempit). They very j0y and Fun Having N0ise.. Hmmm…why most of the teenagers in our country to become Mat Rempit. Me and En.hubby just ign0re and never care abaut all Mat rempit because we d0nt want that situation disturb 0ur l0vely memorable m0ment.

En.Hubby Drive went to My Parent Apartment at L0ne Pine.Rest and time t0 sleep. 4.30 am W0ke up F0r Sahur.

Day Tw0 (06th August, 2011)
Me and En.Hubby Forgather with my Family chit chat with mama and papa also with my brother and little sister .4 h0ur before Break fast me and En.Hubby went t0 supermarket nearest and also buy s0me meal for break fast .

At h0me I’m helping my m0ther at the kitchen to prepared for break fast.

Supper before sleep::
Me And En.Hubby went 0ut t0 having supper Nasi Kandar.

Day Three (07th August, 2011)
Back T0 Perlis.The Same way we c0me als0 the same way we back.But Arrive at Alor Setar we went t0 TESCO StarGate t0 buy Barang Dapur sket. After that we g0 t0 Bazar Ramadhan at Stadium Al0r Setar. It’s a Big Bazar Ramadhan many people there als0 a lot of meal f0r break fast. We buy s0me meal f0r break fast and straight away to Perlis. ^^,


Sassi said...

wow, you are so beautiful.

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